Vivaan loses courage to kill Chakor in Udaan


Vivaan asks Ranjana to help him kill Chakor. Sooraj tries to confess his love to Chakor, but is unsuccessful. Vivaan keeps Imli away from Chakor. He does not want Chakor to reveal anything to Imli. Chakor wakes up and finds herself ties. Vivaan throws water on her face. She gets shocked seeing him pointing a gun at her. Vivaan tells her that he will kill her to punish her for hiding Manohar’s death news and trying to use Ranjana against him. Chakor requests him to give her a chance and convinces him.

Imli calls Chakor. Chakor lies that she is fine and does not tell about Vivaan. Vivaan loses courage to kill his bes friend. Suraj and Imli return to haveli and their car tyre gets punctured. They decide to spend the night sitting in their car. Suraj and Imli reach haveli in morning, and find Chakor in much tension. Vivaan comes to meet them, and Chakor hides about Imli and Suraj. Vivaan decides to allow Suraj to enter the haveli. He informs Chakor that he will agree to her demands, only if she does not tell Imli about his medical condition.


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