Bhabho to find an alliance for Kanak in Tu Sooraj….


Kanak visits Rajasthan. She does not know Uma’s address. She wants to get the sweet shop back from Uma for Bhabho’s sake. She meets a young lady Paulmi, who likes Uma. Kanak asks her not to miss anything in life, and react on right time. They both look for Uma. They get friendly. Kanak does not like Uma, while Paulmi loves him. They both help each other, and appear sweet. Kanak will be marrying Uma, while Paulmi becomes her Sautan. Bhabho finds an alliance for Kanak to send her away from home forever. She dislikes Kanak and does not want to stay with her under one roof. Bhabho will be getting Kanak and Uma married.

Meenakshi tells maid that a girl’s family is coming to see Golu, and asks her to get costly crockery out. Maid tells her that she will first check the family, are they poor or rich, and then get the crockery as they want. She asks Golu to hold his breath and get stomach in. She asks him to have attitude of a shop owner. The girl’s family comes there and like Vansh instead. They comment Golu is very fat and reject him.

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Golu gets insulted. Meenakshi keeps the condition and asks them to accept Golu if his weight is seen less in machine. They agree. Meenakshi spoils the machine and claims Golu is lean. The man asks her to hear the machine beeping. He tells her that Golu is overweight, and they can’t accept him as son in law. Meenakshi and Golu get upset. It gets revealed that Meenakshi and Bhabho are having bad terms, after an incident in Vikram’s life. Bhabho’s decision made her separated from Babasa and Meenakshi. The Rathi family now lives in two divisions. Will Kanak be able to unite the family back? Keep reading


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