Shivay fakes a murder case in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika have romantic moments, while Anika was trying to find out about the strange sounds she is hearing since some time. Kamini goes to feed food to Soumya to keep her alive. Soumya throws the food and gets angry on Kamini. Kamini hurts her. Ranveer comes there and stops Kamini from harming Soumya. He decides to see her after marriage. Soumya realizes Ranveer is also with Kamini and Mahi in their plan. Soumya understands Kamini is going to do something in the marriage, and tries to alert Anika. She fails in her tries.

On the other hand, Shivay makes a plan to frame Mahi in Khanna’s murder case. Anika tells him that there should be some motive behind the murder. Shivay thinks of the topic to make the motive. He thinks of provoking Mahi by the thing he hates, that to be called an illegitimate. Shivay explains his plan to entire family. The family calls a gay choreographer, who irritates Mahi by his flirtatious ways. Mahi does not lose his cool.

The family hides Shivay from Mahi in nick of time. Mahi goes to meet Kamini and Ranveer, who tell him about their plan to leave Priyanka in the mandap by revealing her pregnancy news to the media. Mahi supports Kamini in her plan, though feeling bit bad for Priyanka. Shivay asks the family to get ready to start their plan. He thinks just ACP Ranveer can help them to fight against Mahi. Shivay and Anika do not know Ranveer’s truth, that he is the mastermind. He sends Khanna to have a heated argument with Mahi. Will Shivay succeed to frame Mahi in the murder case? Keep reading.


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