Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Shakti: Shanno expresses her happiness and dances happily. Her husband asks her to be careful. She says Soumya will be leaving from the house. He asks does anyone dance in such time. She gets ache in her stomach and screams. She asks him to call doctor. Harman and Soumya come after hearing her. They see Shanno in pain. Harman asks him to take Shanno to hospital. He calls hospital and asks for ambulance. The man says we can’t send ambulance, driver is on leave. Soumya asks Harman to manage the baby. She takes Harman’s help and arranges things, She sees Shanno in labor pain and helps her. She does Shanno’s delivery. Shanno delivers a baby boy.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Aarav is a lawyer by profession. He has come back home. Mata ji finds him lean and weak. Simar says I made his favorite laddoo, he will gain weight. Entire Bharadwaj family welcomes him. Simar does his aarti puja. He asks her to finish it soon, so that he can have laddoos. He gets a task to get Piyush and Roshni divorced. Simar is taking his help. Aarav wants them to reconcile and get back together. He observes Piyush is reciprocating Roshni’s love.


Suraj has come back home. Suraj’s happy days are back. He gets a place in haveli. Girja tells Suraj that Chakor has made all of your favorite things. He asks where is Chakor. Chakor is missing. Suraj eats the food after a long time. He finds the food spicy. Chakor added extra chilli after they fought. He thinks Chakor maybe resting alone in room. Imli says its Chakor’s room too, but she is not resting, she went to villagers to get your old things, which you wanted. He gets to know Chakor has gone to village to get his things back. Suraj leaves the food and goes to stop Chakor.

Swabhimaan: Naina is happy when Karan shakes hands with her. It’s a wonderful day for Naina. Karan has taken a step of friendship towards her. Naina says you are very talented, I have seen your talent, I want the world to learn your talent. He says fine, I agree I m talented, but how will things come ahead to accept me. She asks him to go ahead and meet the world, show his talents and win recognition. Karan likes her idea, and says you are right, the world can’t come to me, but I can go out to the world to showcase my talents.


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