High Five Spoilers

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Woh Apna Sa: Nisha is planning against Jhanvi. She attempted to tarnish Jhanvi’s image and respect, by locking Aditya and Jhanvi in the room. Aditya asks her why are the lights off. He switches on the nights, while Jhanvi falls down. Aditya holds her. Nisha gets the family there and shows Aditya and Jhanvi. She has planned all this and sent Aditya and Jhanvi to his dad’s room, after taking his dad outside. Aditya tries to defend, while Kakasa does not believe him. Nisha insults Jhanvi.


Ricky and Sita got missing. The family is worried for them. Gopi and Jaggi start finding them. They look for them on the roads. Police gets a dead body and calls them to check. Jaggi asks Gopi not to worry, Ricky and Sita will be fine. They don’t have courage to check the dead body. Kokila and family pray for Ricky and Sita’s safety. Gopi sees the person is someone else and thanks Lord. She wishes she gets Ricky and Sita soon. Jaggi takes her a tea stall and gets water for Gopi. He consoles her. She asks him to go and find Ricky.

Santoshi Maa:

Dadi visits Santoshi and blesses her. She gets glad that Santoshi is fine. Trishna had planned to kill Santoshi, but nothing happens to the latter. Dhairya and everyone get saved from the blast. He has saved Santoshi from the fireball. Dadi thanks him for saving Santoshi. Santoshi tells Dadi what all happened till now. She has united with Dhairya. Dadi thanks Santoshi Maa that Santoshi is fine. She asks about Rudrakshi. Santoshi says we are adopting her. Dadi says she looks like you, I thought to come here and celebrate, but all this happened. She blesses her for the right decision taken by Dhairya. Daksha tells them about Seshnath and Madhuri’s doings.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak visits Rajasthan. She does not know Uma’s address. She wants to get the sweet shop back from Uma for Bhabho’s sake. She meets a young lady Paulmi, who likes Uma. Kanak asks her not to miss anything in life, and react on right time. They both look for Uma. They get friendly. Kanak does not like Uma, while Paulmi loves him. They both help each other, and appear sweet. Kanak will be marrying Uma, while Paulmi becomes her Sautan. Bhabho finds an alliance for Kanak to send her away from home forever. She dislikes Kanak and does not want to stay with her under one roof. Bhabho will be getting Kanak and Uma married.

Ek Aastha Aise Bhee:

Astha is going to get married to Shiv. She has her belief in love and relation. She confesses love to Shiv in the shagun rasam. She praises him and remarks all his good qualities. Shiv recalls something and is upset hearing her. Shiv gets a shock and walks out from there. There will be many twists in the shagun rasam.

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