Nisha tarnishes Jhanvi’s respect in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha is planning against Jhanvi. She attempted to tarnish Jhanvi’s image and respect, by locking Aditya and Jhanvi in the room. Aditya asks her why are the lights off. He switches on the nights, while Jhanvi falls down. Aditya holds her. Nisha gets the family there and shows Aditya and Jhanvi. She has planned all this and sent Aditya and Jhanvi to his dad’s room, after taking his dad outside. Aditya tries to defend, while Kakasa does not believe him. Nisha insults Jhanvi.

Kakasa asks Jhanvi what is she doing here, its against the good values. He asks her to remember Aditya is married, and not try to trap him. Jhanvi keeps her stand. Nisha succeeds to make Jhanvi away. Jhanvi walks out from Aditya’s house. Aditya goes to meet Jhanvi and apologize. Jhanvi walks on the broken glasses and cries. Her family gets worried for her. Jhanvi is shattered within, and does not care for her wounds. Nisha has defamed Jhanvi’s character. Aditya knows Nisha can fall much low. He worries for Jhanvi’s future. What will Aditya do now? Keep reading.


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