Kamini plans to humiliate Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Mahi goes to meet Kamini. He tells her about the lockers having 200 crores diamonds. She demands the diamonds. Mahi does not know about it. She yells on him and insults him again. She asks him not to make any mistake and hurts him. Mahi realizes Kamini just wants money. Shivay and Anika wait for Mahi at home. They are sure Mahi will come home to take diamonds. Mahi thinks how could one safe open, when other safe could not open. He thinks something is definitely wrong.

Shivay tells about his plan to trap Mahi in such a way that Mahi admits the truth. He tells the murder plan. Everyone worry. Shivay decides to frame Mahi in fake murder case. He wants to catch the mastermind behind Mahi’s doings. Everyone start fooling Mahi. Anika hears sounds in kitchen, when Soumya struggles. Shivay and Anika have a sweet romantic moment. Anika gets surprised by Shivay’s romantic side. Anika fails to find Soumya. Mahi realizes Kamini’s plans are to insult the Oberois by making Ranveer leave Priyanka in the mandap. Oberois plan Priyanka’s sangeet with the fake murder twist.


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