Shwetlana’s clone secrets gets revealed in Dil Boley Oberoi

Ishqbaaz fame Reyhna Malhotra joins Kumkum Bhagya

Shwetlana kills the doctor after finding him cheating her. Omkara and Gauri come to find the doctor. Shwetlana spots them and leaves from there, being sure they won’t get any proof. Omkara and Gauri get to see doctor’s secret message. They don’t realize anything what the doctor meant to say. Shwetlana gets an easy escape by dressing as a doctor. She conveniently takes the doctor’s dead body home. She buries the doctor in Oberoi mansion’s backyard.

Omkara gets raged to fail once again. He hurts himself. Gauri worries for him. He feels they have no evidence against Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets confident that Omkara can never find the doctor now. Gauri asks Omkara not to worry, they will try again and win. Omkara asks her not to tell about belief. Gauri encourages him. She prays for Omkara’s success to find Shwetlana’s truth. Shwetlana checks the chip to see her past once. She enjoys watching the video, where she is seen meeting the doctor and asking him to give her Shwetlana’s face by the surgery. Doctor asks her to keep Shwetlana’s alive so that she can get her blood for skin rejuvenation. She realizes the other camera present there. She thinks to find the other footage. Omkara stops her and confronts her about the doctor. Shwetlana calls him mad to doubt her. Omkara knows her very well. He wants to know her motives behind all this. Omkara gets suspicious that Shwetlana has murdered the doctor.


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