Saiyyam and Krishna to confess love in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Saiyyam fools Baby that he has also seen Dadi’s spirit. Baby admits that she has killed Baby by fixing the bulbs. They see Dadi again. Suhani and others come, and deny of seeing Dadi. Saiyyam supports Baby. Suhani acts and scolds Saiyyam, ending ties with him. Saiyyam asks Baby not to worry. Baby falls in their trap. She then realizes Suhani is planning this. Suhani fails to record Baby’s crime confession. Dadi tells Suhani that she won’t let Baby go, till the crime is proved. Dadi gives a chance to Suhani to prove truth. Baby comes to outhouse. Bhavna hides Dadi. Baby gets hint of their plan. Suhani and Bhavna fail to prove anything.

Baby gets well aware of Birla’s plans. Rags tells them that Suhani is still mentally unstable. She signs Suhani and takes Baby’s side to reach the truth. Baby determines to take revenge. She tries to find out if Saiyyam is involved with them. Suhani tells Rags that they have to be more careful now. Bhavna tells Dadi that Baby is much clever. Saiyyam and Krishna have some quality moments, while acting to fight in front of Baby.


Later, Krishna asks Saiyyam about her stand in his life. She asks him what did he think about their relation. Saiyyam expresses concern and love for Krishna. He asks her if she loves him. He can’t understand how can Krishna love him, when he is not a nice guy. Krishna confesses his love to Saiyyam. Krishna tells Saiyyam that he is a very nice person and a great support. She expresses her desire to start a family with him. Saiyyam fears he will become a bad father. He tells her that he will keep the relation by heart now, and he wants their child to be like Krishna. Saiyyam confesses love to Krishna. They both fear to lose each other. Saiyyam and Krishna unite. Suhani fears their relation can face a tough time. She asks Saiyyam and Krishna to go out for some time, and get their tickets. Saiyyam and Krishna refuse to leave.


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