Baby to fake memory loss in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Baby gets a new evil game in her mind to act of memory loss and trouble the Birlas. Baby gets hurt when she planned to get Suhani hurt by the flower-pot. Baby bribes the doctor and makes him tell the family that she has lost her memory for a temporary phase. Suhani and everyone try to help Baby regain her memory, by forgetting all the crimes done by Baby. Suhani turns more depressed regarding Yuvaan’s death. Yuvraaj worries for her and suggests they should go out of home for some time. Suhani refuses to him, and instead sends Saiyyam and Krishna away from home for their security. Suhani does not wish to lose Saiyyam, after she lost Yuvaan. She fears Baby will ruin Saiyyam and Krishna’s life.

Meanwhile, Yuvraaj gets to know Yuvaan’s death truth and suspects Baby. He heads to Baby’s home town to know more about her. Baby uses her fake memory loss to her advantage. Suhani reminds Baby that she was a model before. The family thinks of organizing a fashion show to remind Baby her past. Baby finds it an opportunity to settle scores with Suhani. Baby damages everyone’s clothes for the show to plan a wardrobe malfunction. Suhani gets affected by Baby’s plan. She realizes Baby is faking a memory loss, and is still at her evil best. Suhani thinks to teach Baby a lesson by troubling her and making her admit her mistake. Will Baby fall in Suhani’s trap? Keep reading.


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