High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira and Kartik get away from the Goenka family. Naira is worried and has much tension thinking of what to tell Suwarna. Kartik decorates the new house for Naira. He surprises her. Naira does not think of romance, being surrounded by all the problems. She goes to sleep. Next morning, she makes tea for Kartik. Kartik greets her. He teases her that she slept at night. Naira was teasing the same way to Kartik before. Naira is unhappy as everyone blame Naira to provoke Kartik and breaking him from the family. Naira is getting to hear all accusations. Naira faces an awkward moment. Naira herself an idiot. He tries to normalize her, calling her a tigress.

Saaya visits Soumya and Harman’s house to bless her and become part of Soumya’s celebrations. Saaya is happy knowing Soumya adopted a child. Saaya gets many gifts and toys for the baby. Soumya has no Maayka now. Saaya means everything to her now. Soumya is happy that Saaya did Nimmi’s duty towards her. Preeto feels bad. Harman says even Nimmi would have done this being in Saaya’s place. Soumya gets emotional.

Chakor gets Suraj back to haveli. She is very happy to have him back at home. She shows the room decorated to him. Suraj says I m so happy, I m going to see all my old stuff back. He finds everything new. Chakor shows the new furniture, which she got made by special order. Suraj says when will you understand, I like my old things. He did not like anything. Chakor feels bad that he did not like it. She argues with him. She says you will always be egoistic, whatever I do for you, you never like it. Chakor was going to confess her love to Suraj. She angrily makes him leave from the room.


Chandrakanta will be taking care of her province. Chandrakanta takes the rule and powers in her hands, to protect her province in her dad’s absence. She tells everyone that she will managing things now. Choti Maa declares that Maharaj Jai Singh is unwell, and Chandrakanta will be fulfilling his responsibilities now. Chandrakanta will be the new ruler of Vijaygarh. Shivdutt declared about the attack on Vijaygarh. Chandrakanta prepares the army or the battle. She will be seen in a new bold look. She will be coming out of all the problems by her bravery and magical touch.


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