Shanti to make Shivam realize responsibilities in Mere Angne Mein


Shanti calls tantric home and asks him to get the spirit out of Shivam. Tantric ties up Shivam with ropes and does rituals. Shivam asks everyone to leave him. He asks Shanti not to fall in superstitions. Shanti and Aarti catch Shivam. Shivam shouts and asks tantric to get away. The tantric tortures him. Aarti feels sad seeing him. Shivam is lost in Riya’s memories. Shanti wants Shivam to leave alcohol.

Shivam is not taking care of his daughter Raina. Everyone is troubled by Shivam’s drinking habits. Shanti hopes Shivam will quit drinking now and become responsible. Shivam realizes Raina is crying because of him, and feels responsible towards her for the first time. Shanti feels happy seeing him run to see Raina. Shanti asks everyone not to take Raina, so that Shivam gets restless and takes Raina in his lap to calm her. Kaushalya still holds dislike for Aarti. Will Aarti bring a change in Shivam? Keep reading.



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