Simar’s plan to unite Piyush and Roshni succeeds


Piyush and Roshni’s romance will be seen. Roshni’s goodness and sacrifices have won his heart. Piyush has seen Vaidehi’s evil face and regretted for his mistakes. Piyush has now fallen in love with Roshni. Simar also wanted Piyush to know Roshni’s worth. Roshni was waiting for Piyush to accept her as his wife. Piyush surprises Roshni with a romantic date. He confesses his love to her. Roshni gets overwhelmed. Roshni and Piyush’s love story will be seen. Roshni finally got the moment in her life, after facing so many hurdles. Simar’s drama to get their fake divorce papers has worked. Simar has united them forever in the strong relation of love and marriage. Piyush has come on right path by Simar and Roshni’s efforts. Aarav and Jhanvi come to meet Piyush. Piyush and Roshni’s date spoils. Jhanvi takes Roshni along with her. Piyush misses Roshni, while Aarav teases him.


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