Ashok plans revenge against Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok plans to ruin Adi’s factory work. He takes Gagan’s help in sending away the workers again. Ishita leaves from Khandpur to meet Raman. Adi is happy and sees her off. He calls Raman and informs him that Raman’s plan succeeded. He thanks Raman. Gagan introduces Ashok to the workers and bribes them to refuse work in factory. Adi slaps Gagan and scolds him. He insults Ashok by keeping his criminal record in front of the workers. He asks Ashok not to try to disrupt his work. He confronts Ashok for his revenge step. Gagan asks Ashok why did he not tell anything to Adi. Gagan gets angry and tells Ashok that he will kill Adi. Ashok asks Gagan not to harm Adi and wait for his orders. Ashok does not take the insult silently. He thinks to hurt Aaliya to take revenge from Adi. Someone follows Aaliya. Danger clouds around Aaliya. Aaliya talks to Adi about the marriage arrangements.

Ishita comes home and meets everyone. She checks for Raman. She gets to know that Raman is not going Phuket, and it was just his plan to call her back home. Ishita plans to get Adi’s room renovated. Ishita designs the room. Raman and Ishita do not agree on the same designs. Mani and Shagun also carry on with the marriage preparations. Gagan apologizes to Adi, as per Ashok’s plan. Gagan convinces Adi in his words. Adi still gets suspicious about Gagan. He forgives Gagan.


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