Mahi refuses to workout Kamini’s evil plans in Ishqbaaz


Mahi blackmails Anika to support him. Pinky tells Dadi that Shivay is going to expose Mahi in sangeet. Mahi stops Anika from reaching Shivay. He asks her not to act smart. Anika asks him to stop threatening her. He has kept Soumya as hostage and asks her not to do anything. He shows her Soumya in the basement. He tells Anika that he will kill everyone if she takes any step against him. The sangeet function starts in full swing. Rudra and Anika perform. Mahi keeps an eye on Anika. Shivay tells Tej about his plan to arrest Mahi. Anika tries conveying her message to Shivay. Shivay goes to talk to Anika. Anika worries and signs Shivay for staying away.

Kamini and Ranveer talk to Mahi. She plans to kill Shivay, and then replace him with Mahi. She tells Mahi that he has to do this thing to stay here as Shivay forever. Mahi does not want to kill Shivay. He is not too bad-hearted. Kamini forces him to kill Shivay. Mahi falls in dilemma. Anika thinks to inform Shivay by a code word. She sings and tries to pass message by a song. Shivay realizes Anika’s coded message. Mahi gets firm on his decision of not killing Shivay.

Ranveer and Mahi discuss their plan with Kamini. Mahi tells Kamini to just take money and leave from here. Kamini wants to get the 200 crores diamonds and also take Shivay’s life. Kamini asks him to announce Priyanka’s pregnancy news in front of everyone. Mahi disagrees with her. Kamini asks him not to feel for Priyanka, as she is not his own sister. Mahi does not want to ruin a girl’s life. Anika wonders where did Shivay go. The family waits for Shivay and Ranveer to come and arrest Mahi. Anika thinks to tell everyone about Ranveer and Kamini. Kamini stops Anika. She tells them about the new marriage mahurat. She asks them to keep the marriage same day. The media asks them about preponing the marriage. Kamini calls Mahi there, and instigates him to support her in front of everyone. The family refuses to keep the marriage now. Mahi threatens Anika about Soumya. Anika agrees with him to save Soumya’s life. Anika gets in a fix and prepones Priyanka’s marriage.


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