Suhani’s big plans to expose Baby


Suhani organizes a Karaoke night for Baby. Suhani and Bhavna realize Baby is faking her memory loss. Baby wants to take revenge from Dadi by spoiling her Karaoke performance. Baby shoots at the special balloons to spread the medicine around. Dadi gets unwell. Dadi fails to perform when her voice gets stuck. Baby enjoys seeing Dadi. Suhani sings a song in memory of Yuvaan and gets emotional. Suhani finally sees Yuvaan. Her motherly emotions will be seen.

Baby plans to spoil the fun. Suhani tries finding a way to expose Baby’s truth. Bhavna tells everyone that Baby would be coming next to perform. Baby’s drink gets spiked. Baby loses her control and performs. Suhani is sure that Baby would do some mistake. Baby gets close to reveal her truth. Suhani asks Baby to answer, if she remembers this is her favorite song. Baby does not admit any truth. She claims of not knowing Yuvaan. Baby acts to faint. Dadi scolds Suhani, and asks her to stop troubling Baby. Bhavna tells Suhani that Dadi will never believe them. Suhani tries explaining Rags that Baby did not lose her memory. Suhani promises Yuvaan that she will expose Baby soon. Yuvaan advises to take a big step and make Baby accept all her crimes. Saiyyam calls up Suhani, and gives the good news of Krishna’s pregnancy. Baby gets a shock hearing this news. She feels cheated by Saiyyam. What will Baby do next?


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