Suraj plans to remarry Chakor in Udaan


Suraj wants to surprise Chakor. Suraj decorates the haveli and is happy that Chakor would be coming back on their anniversary. Suraj fixes the garlands. Chakor steps in the haveli and garlands falls in her neck. Chakor is happy seeing the decorations. Suraj is happy to have her back. They have a romantic moment. Chakor returns after her trip. Suraj wants to take Chakor on a romantic date.

Suraj asks her to come with him in evening, if she is not doing anything important. Chakor agrees. Suraj tells Imli that he is going to marry Chakor on his anniversary. He says my marriage was not a happy event before, but this time I want to marry Chakor happily and with our wishes, in front of entire village. Imli is very happy and excited for Suraj and Chakor’s marriage. She hugs Suraj to congratulate him. Vivaan spots them and scolds Imli and Suraj. Vivaan starts doubting on Imli.


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