Kamini plots to murder Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Everyone ask Shivay why did Ranveer change the plan. Ranveer injures Khanna. He meets Mahi and discusses Shivay’s plans. Mahi asks Ranveer how did you not find out about Shivay. Ranveer and Mahi get into an argument. Ranveer tells him that Kamini wants money from Oberois. Mahi does not want money, but he does not want to lose out to Shivay.

Anika tells Mahi about Ranveer and Kamini getting involved in Mahi’s matter. He wins her trust and gets all the information from her. She tells him Soumya has informed her everything. He cleverly takes her along, while Shivay looks for Anika. Mahi reveals his truth to Anika. Anika gets stunned realizing the danger clouding on her head. He calls her foolish to not identify her husband. Mahi threatens her about Soumya’s life. Anika asks what do you want. He asks her to cooperate with him. He asks her not to tell anyone about Ranveer and Kamini’s truth. Shivay confronts Ranvee for not following his plan. He demands an answer from Ranveer. Ranveer fools him saying he has changed the plan to save Oberoi family from problems. He says if we would arrest Mahi, we would not know what his team would have done to free him. He asks Shivay to rest assured of his support. Shivay believes Ranveer. Kamini plans to kill Shivay, and put Mahi in Shivay’s place forever.


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