High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira and Kartik come back to their sweet home after celebrating Gangaur with their family. Naira cooks kachoris for him. Kartik helps her in her work, and makes tea. He misses Lav and Kush seeing Kachoris. He says I will send kachoris pics to them. She asks him to go and give kachoris at home for the kids. She notices his attachment with the family. Kartik does not tell her that he misses everyone. He refuses to go home. Naira plans surprise for him. She falls down from the stool. Kartik runs to see her.


Veer is after Shivani. He wanted to get Shivani by any means. Veer hurts her. She cries and asks him to let her go. He scares her and threatens to accept his love. Shivani acts smart and shows love to him. Veer hugs her. Shivani angrily hits him with a metal rod. Veer faints. Veer will turn more passionate and determined to get Shivani. Rangeela and Rajan need money for their personal motives. Rangeela goes in the wrestling ring to earn money for his mother. Rangeela gets to know about Rajan fighting to support his love. He intentionally loses to Rajan. Rangeela gets beaten up by Rajan, and loses the fight. Rangeela and Shivani’s love story will be starting soon.


Chandrakanta and Virendra meet in the battle ground. She hugs him. Virendra has a plan to reach close to Chandrakanta.


Vivaan tells Ragini the two dark secrets of his life. He tells her that Ranjana has killed Manohar to marry Kamal Narayan. He also reveals to her that he can’t become a father. He gets upset that he can’t give a child to Imli. Ragini gets much shocked hearing the truth. He tells her that he has got all his medical tests done, and there is no problem with Imli. Ragini can’t believe this. She also gets sad for Vivaan. He tells her how he is facing all this because of Tejaswini. He says I can’t fulfill Imli’s dream to become a mum, I can earn more money and fulfill all her wishes by money. He says I want to start gun factory soon, I want Imli to be happy so that she does not feel sad if she does not become a mum.

Jaat Ki Jugni:

Bhai ji calls the pandit and gets Jyoti’s marriage fixed. Bittu is confused and thinks if Bhai ji is really doing good deeds, or is it his plan. Bhai ji says I will find a nice guy for Munni also. Bittu wants to see what will Bhai ji do next. Bittu is also clever and will plan something once he knows what Bhai ji is upto.


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