Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Ek Aastha Aise Bhee:
Shiv and Aastha enjoy the haldi holi in the function. Everyone dance with the couple. The family members apply haldi to Shiv and Aastha. Shiv does not look happy. He does not want to come in celebrations. He is worried as Radhika is kidnapped. He loves Radhika. Aastha is simple and could not imagine anything such. Aastha does not know about Radhika. Shiv is pressured by his family. He attends the function to keep Aastha’s family’s heart.


Gaura makes a dramatic entry in the house. She has come with a new plan. She is getting Dharam married to Imli. She calls Vidya and gives the good news. She says I have fixed Dharam’s wedding, so I have done marriage shopping. She says mahurat is after two days. She asks the girl to try the bridal dress. Bhavani is going to become Gaura’s Samdhan. Gaura taunts Vidya who was not willing Dharam to remarry. She boasts of herself. Bhavani is not happy. She shows Gaura that she is happy for this alliance. Bhavani has her own worries. Bhavani also likes Dharam.

Avni takes care of Neil, when he gets injured by the accident done by Aman. Avni can’t take Neil to hospital. She is stuck as she does not want to take Aman’s name. Neil asks her to inform him if she recalls anything about the accident. Avni and Neil’s misunderstandings end. They get friendly and start understanding each other. Cute moments between Neil and Avni will be seen.

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