Ricky and Sita to get married in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Ricky and Sita come close in the jungle. Kokila and Gopi talk about Ricky. After coming back home, there is much family drama about Ricky and Sita’s marriage alliance. Kokila is happy for Ricky’s decision to marry Sita. Sita loves Ricky. Ricky declares to Bhavani that he will marry Sita. Gopi gets shocked and does not find Ricky suitable for Sita. She says Ricky is spoilt, and we can’t risk Sita’s future. Kokila says you are right, so I have left this decision on Sita. Gopi has seen Ricky’s bad habits. She says they both have different behavior and thinking, they are poles apart, how will they keep the marriage.

Kokila says when Ricky and Sita are ready for marriage, we should bless them, why do you have a problem. Jaggi says when both groom and bride are ready, why should we care. They go to talk to Ricky, and see Sita leaving from Ricky’s room. They realize both Ricky and Sita are in love. Jaggi takes Sita in front of Mata Rani and asks her to think well about her decision. Sita sees Ricky’s face when she closes eyes and tells Jaggi. She happily hugs Jaggi and tells her decision of marrying Ricky. Jaggi hopes Sita and Ricky’s marriage decision proves right.


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