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Udaan: Chakor does arrangements to express her love to Suraj. She happily gets Suraj to the haveli. Bhaiya ji stops Imli from doing Suraj’s aarti. Chakor tells him that just Vivaan and Ragini are the decision makers in Aazaadgunj now, and Bhaiya ji’s decision taken in mental state won’t have any significance. Bhaiya ji angrily orders Imli to move back and now welcome Suraj. He then surprises everyone by doing Suraj’s aarti and tilak. Suraj realizes Bhaiya ji has really lost his senses. Ragini and Vivaan head to the factory to start their setup.

Devanshi: Devanshi and Ishwar realize Kusum Sundari is fooling people by her another magical trick. They think if they also do similar magical thing, even they could get the devotees on their side. Devanshi tells Ishwar that she knows someone who can help them convince the villagers. She tells Ishwar about Shikhar, the magician guy, whose show she has seen at a local dhaba. Kusum Sundari asks the villagers to donate as much money as possible. Devanshi goes to meet Shikhar, to seek his help to fail Kusum Sundari’s plans.

Mere Angne Mein:


Aarti thinks of lessening Shanti’s financial burden. She starts working at the temple to earn a bit and carrying her own expenses. Aarti goes to temple early morning, to hide about her job from everyone. Kaushalya sees Aarti coming late and a man following her. She suspects Aarti and interrogates the man. She gets to know the man is a cheapster and wants to marry Aarti. A lady provokes Kaushalya against Aarti, by speaking ill of her character. Kaushalya wants to get rid of Aarti and holds a grudge in heart seeing Shanti praising Aarti all the time. On her friend’s advice, Kaushalya calls NGO and complains against Aarti.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki: Suhani and everyone plan to make Baby scared and admit the truth. They try making Baby confess her crimes by fixing the similar bulbs in her room. Baby gets a threatening letter and gets worried. Someone reveals the secret of Baby’s true identity. Baby panics on receiving a parcel. She gets a painting, in which her real identity is seen. Baby is actually a dancer Champakali, who duped people for money. She has killed Saiyyam’s childhood friend Baby and took her place to get an entry in Birla house. Yuvraaj is the person threatening Baby, after knowing all her true details about her. He visited her village and got to know Champakali’s angle.


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