Vijaygarh gets a new army commander in Chandrakanta


Kroor Singh likes Chandrakanta and wants to confess love to her. Virendra witnesses Kroor Singh talking to his assistants. They ask Kroor Singh to wipe Chandrakanta’s tears and make her worries less. They inform Chandrakanta is much tensed about the situation. Kroor Singh thinks to meet Chandrakanta and make a place in her heart. Virendra pats Kroor Singh and makes him fall down. He laughs hearing Kroor Singh’s nonsense. He leaves to meet Chandrakanta. He wants to become part of Vijaygarh’s army. He shows his skills and fighting tricks to soldiers. Virendra fights with 10 soldiers and impresses everyone with his warship skills.

Virendra thinks to join the army and workout his motives secretly. Virendra conceals his identity. Shivdutts’s warning to Chandrakanta has got Virendra and Chandrakanta close. Chandrakanta keeps a mock fight practice to select a chief for the army. Virendra proves that none is better than him. Chandrakanta has given his heart to Virendra. She misses Virendra and dreams of him. She thinks of him in difficult situation of life. She wishes Virendra is with her. Virendra comes in front of her when she needed him the most. She gets glad seeing Virendra and hugs him. He does not tell her motives to Chandrakanta. Virendra and Chandrakanta’s romance will be seen.


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