Ishita gets clued in about the mystery man in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya is happy when Bhallas and Iyers welcome her in the family by showering much love. Ruhi gifts Aaliya a pair of earrings. She is happy that Adi got a good life partner. She apologizes to Aaliya for all of her bad behavior. Aaliya forgives her. Everyone is happy in the family. Ruhi tells Adi and Aaliya’s sangeet will be great, we will keep a dance competition. Shagun and Ishita are confident that they will win. Aaliya goes to talk to Adi. The man who has been following her since long, catches Aaliya, asking her not to shout. Aaliya shouts. The man runs away from the house.

Aaliya tells everyone about the man. This time, the man gets caught up. Romi beats him up. Raman identifies him as the office’s new guard. Ishita asks them to call police. The man tries to run away. He escapes. Ishita gets a mangalsutra, which fell from that man’s pocket. Adi surprises them. He finds everyone worried. He asks the reason, if they are not happy seeing him. He tells them that he has finished the project and came to meet them to take some break from work. Raman senses something is wrong, and worries for Aaliya’s safety. Aaliya tells Ishita to hide the matter from Adi.

Ishita talks to Raman about the man. Raman assures police will catch him. Ruhi suggests them to keep something different in sangeet. Raman asks her to discuss with Ishita. Ruhi tells her ideas to make a collage for Adi and Aaliya, to surprise them. She asks Ishita to give pictures of Adi and Aaliya’s childhood. She wants to make a video of their life journey. Ruhi asks about Aaliya’s parents. Ishita tells her that she did not meet Aaliya’s father, she has met her mother. Ruhi finds it strange that Aaliya did not tell them anything about her parents. Ishita tells her that Mani is protective and does not let her see old photos and go through the trauma.

Ruhi tells Raman about her collage idea. Ishita and Amma check few old albums. They refresh some old memories. Ishita happens to see a photo, which shocks her. Ishita asks Raman to come with her fast. Raman asks her to wait till morning. She convinces him to come silently. Adi sends Mani’s old photo to Aaliya and jokes on it. Ishita and Raman meet Mani. Ishita asks Mani about Aaliya’s father. Aaliya hears them and informs Adi that Ishita and Raman came to meet Mani and Shagun. Adi and Ruhi fear there is some matter. Ruhi tells him about Ishita’s reaction on seeing an old photo. She realizes the man following Aaliya is actually her father.


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