Mahi plots to take Shivay’s place in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay's Majnu Awara act turns surprising

Shivay defends Priyanka and shows Kamini the door. He warns her not to create any more troubles. The family gets relieved that everything got fine. Shivay tells Priyanka that everything is fine now. Mahi gets conscious and thinks of doing something to teach a lesson to Shivay. He finds himself locked in the room. Mahi finds a way out. Shakti tells Shivay that Mahi is very dangerous. Shivay assures Shakti and Tej that he will handle Mahi, without letting the media know of him. He is glad that Priyanka is fine and happy. He goes to see Mahi. He tells his plan to Anika of calling the commandos to catch Mahi. He says none will know about him, we will know Mahi’s location by the tracker in his clothes. Mahi runs seeing the commando. Shivay tells Anika that Mahi will be interrogated by them.

Mahi realizes Shivay is sending commandos after him by using the tracker. Anika gets worried for Shivay. They have a moment. He asks her not to worry and goes to handle Mahi. Mahi tries changing the tracker’s location. He hides and sees Shivay coming. He puts the tracker in Shivay’s way, making the tracker stick to his shoe. The commandos catch up Shivay and take him away. Mahi enjoys seeing Shivay taken away. Shivay worries seeing Anika with Mahi. Anika is glad to get rid of Mahi. Mahi tries fooling Anika, by acting as Shivay again. He acts sweet to her. He holds her hands to give her prasad. By his touch, Anika senses he is not her Shivay. She says you are not Shivay, and runs to save Shivay from the commandos. Mahi gets angry that Shivay and Anika always spoil his plan. He does not want them to meet.

Shivay asks commandos to stop it, as he is really Shivay. Anika comes to them and tells commandos that he is really Shivay. Commandos says we caught him by checking the tracker. Mahi comes there and asks commandos to catch the duplicate. He tells Shivay that he has no tracker. The family comes and Mahi frames Shivay as the duplicate. The entire family gets a shock. In midst of all the confusion, Mahi runs away. Anika stops Shivay from running after Mahi. The family wants Shivay’s safety. Kamini reaches there to kill Shivay. Shivay is thankful to Anika for her trust. He asks Anika to come to him. Kamini is angry that Mahi did not kill Shivay till now. Anika sees Kamini pointing the gun at Shivay. Anika runs to save Shivay, and gets shot.


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