Kaali Thakur to find Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri promises Jhanvi that she will leave from Omkara’s life. With a heavy heart and many memories, Gauri prepares to leave. Kaali Thakur makes a re-entry with a motive to find Gauri. He is seen brutal as before. Kaali Thakur wants revenge from Gauri. He thinks of how Gauri cheated him and ran away with Omkara. A short flashback shows about Kaali Thakur’s survival. He is back to settle scores with Gauri and Omkara.

On the other hand, real Shwetlana is secure with Omkara. She realizes her past, where her friend stabbed her and got her face. Her cruel friend then took her identity. Real Shwetlana got cheated by her best friend. The cruel lady keeps real Shwetlana in the freezer, to keep her alive. Real Shwetlana asks Omkara to save her. Fake Shwetlana comes with an idea and dresses as a maid. She creates havoc so that she can find a way to put real Shwetlana back in the freezer. She makes a lady fall on the nails bed. Buamaa and Omkara get a big shock seeing the lady injured.

Gauri feels sorry to not support Omkara as per the promise. She wants to obey Jhanvi’s decision. Buamaa cares for the lady. Omkara misses to see Gauri. Gauri sees Omkara for the last time and thinks he was never in her fate. He realizes he has her anklet. Kaali Thakur is determined to find Gauri. Coincidentally, Kaali Thakur gets to see Gauri.


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