New twist: Ricky refuses to marry Sita in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

sns ricky

Ricky and Sita are going to get married. Sita gets dressed as a bride and sits in the mandap. Sita has seen his goodness and agrees to marry him, regarding him as a good friend. Sita is very happy, and does not know what will happen the next moment. There is a shocking twist. Ricky comes there and refuses to marry Sita.

Sita gets a big shock by Ricky’s cheat. She gets angry and tells Ricky that he has not insulted just her, but also the entire Modi family. He asks will I come to marry this illiterate guy. Everyone thought he has changed, but he proved he can never change. Sita asks him why did he not tell before when he did not wish to marry.She says I have seen some goodness in you and thought you are my friend, you insulted me, after seeing all this, I will break this marriage. She breaks the garlands and leaves from the mandap.

Kokila, Jaggi and Gopi are also shocked. They did not know Ricky will play with Sita’s emotions to get his property back. Everyone thought Ricky had a change of heart, when he declared to marry Sita. After getting his property back, he denies his own decision. Everyone gets angry on Ricky and call him unfortunate to miss a girl like Sita. Sita stands for her self-esteem and takes such decision. Kokila and Gopi support Sita. The family faces embarrassment infront of the guests. Ricky is happy to get his property back and does not care for anyone.


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