TGI Friday’s Spoilers



Meghna and Naina are competing in the best couple competition. Naina wants to win the competition to boost Karan’s confidence, but she does not want to make Meghna lose. Karan surprises everyone by his performance with Naina. Meghna and Kunal also give a rocking performance. There is tough competition between both the couples. Sharda is the judge of the competition.


Vivaan tells Ragini that they want machines to make gun springs, they have to import it. He makes a plan to make the guns. He presents the plan in front of Ragini. She tells Vivaan that we will make kids make the spring, as they can be more efficient than adults in this matter. Vivaan and Ragini discuss and decide to make the kids work in factory. Imli is happy that she got pregnant, and reveals the truth to Suraj, Chakor, and Vivaan. Vivaan raises the question to Imli, asking about the father of her child. Vivaan and Chakor stare at Suraj. Suraj does not know what’s happening. Vivaan suspects Suraj to be the child’s father. Suraj and Imli were together away from haveli, when they went to follow Ragini.

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The family catches Shivani, who has been hiding with Rashmi’s help. Gulguli challenges Shivani to have a wresting match with her. She wants to punish Shivani and get her anger out. She beats him Shivani in the wrestling ground. She scolds Shivani and asks her to fight back. Shivani cries. Gulguli holds Shivani’s neck and hurts her. Gulguli is angered by Shivani’s biggest mistake of her life, to attack on Veer. No one has hurt Veer till now. Shivani has hit on Veer’s head and badly injured him. Gulguli can’t forgive Shivani. He does not want to spare Shivani’s life. Shivani tries explaining why she has taken that step.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Happiness returned in Bharadwaj family. Simar keeps Piyush and Roshni’s remarriage. This time, there is no tension. Piyush and Roshni have love in between them now. Roshni was unconscious and does not remmeber her marriage rituals. Simar has kept the marriage to make Piyush and Roshni experience the happiness and make memories. The family decides to give them memories of lifetime. Roshni feels the memories of marriage are very special for a girl. Mata ji blesses Roshni and Piyush. Piyush and Roshni get engaged with the family’s blessings. Simar and entire family is happy. The marriage will happen by all rituals.


Virendra and Chandrakanta’s romance will be seen. Virendra enters Chandrakanta’s room. He sees her sleeping and adores her beauty. Chandrakanta wakes up and asks him to leave from his room, else she will call the guards. Virendra talks romantically. Chandrakanta flows in emotions. Their romance will part of in Chandrakanta’s dream sequence.

Santoshi Maa:

Trishna got the evil powers in her, after having the evil baby in her womb. She has got ultimate powers. She decides to kill Santoshi and attempts. She fails in her first attempt, and heads to Dhairya’s home. She makes Daksha a medium for her stay in the house, and goes to kill Santoshi. Santoshi will be facing and fighting with the evil powers.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raj refuses to marry Rani. Rani declares her marriage with Kundan to make Raj jealous. Raj sees the marriage arrangements going on. He sees Rani with Kundan, and get jealous. The haldi rasam starts. Rani asks Raj to apply haldi to them first. Raj applies haldi to Kundan and Rani on her saying. Raj knows he can’t live without Rani. They have an emotional moment. Rani knows Raj loves her, but is not able to confess. She wants Raj to realize his feelings. Rani treats Kundan as a friend. She just loves Raj. She hopes Raj will speak up his feelings.


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