Meghna and Naina to compete in Swabhimaan


Meghna, Naina and other women prepare the food for their husbands. The cooking round is next in the best couple competition. Meghna and Naina show the magic of their hands. All the contestants are given the task to make the same soup. The husbands are given the task to taste the soup and identity the soup made by their wife. Karan gets hesitant. The man asks Karan to taste the soup and tell them. Karan says I will identify without tasting the soup. He puts the flag and wins the round by identifying the right soup made by Naina. Naina is called next. She confirms that Karan has chosen the right soup. Karan and Naina win the round.

Meghna and Kunal lose in the round. Meghna gets annoyed with Kunal for not identifying the soup made by her. Kunal identified the soup and did not like it. He thinks of not revealing that Meghna has made such a bad soup. He acts of not identifying the right soup and loses in the competition. As Meghna and Kunal won in the dance round, they secure their place in the third round. Meghna-Kunal and Naina-Karan become the top two contestants. The final competition begins between them.


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