Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush and Roshni perform on a romantic song in their engagement. Their dance gets special by their newly found love effect. The entire family is happy for them. Pari-Shailendra, Amar-Jhanvi and Aarav-Ananya also dance in the engagement party and express their happiness towards Piyush and Roshni’s union. Piyush and Roshni enjoy their togetherness. Aarav’s girlfriend Ananya tries to trick Simar, and is upto something.


Meghna, Naina and other women prepare the food for their husbands. The cooking round is next in the best couple competition. Meghna and Naina show the magic of their hands. All the contestants are given the task to make the same soup. The husbands are given the task to taste the soup and identity the soup made by their wife. Karan gets hesitant. The man asks Karan to taste the soup and tell them. Karan says I will identify without tasting the soup. He puts the flag and wins the round by identifying the right soup made by Naina. Naina is called next. She confirms that Karan has chosen the right soup. Karan and Naina win the round.



Vivaan meets the mechanic who repaired Suraj and Imli’s car. The mechanic tells Vivaan about spotting Suraj and Imli together. Vivaan loses his temper and slaps the man angrily. He goes mad thinking Imli cheated him. Vivaan beats the man and asks him how dare he lie to them. The man asks why are you beating me, what lie did I say, its not my mistake, I was called there to repair the puncture, I felt Suraj and Imli are husband and wife. Ragini stops Vivaan. Even Ragini is shocked thinking how can Imli cheat Vivaan.


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