Vivaan to turn into Suraj’s enemy in Udaan


Vivaan meets the mechanic who repaired Suraj and Imli’s car. The mechanic tells Vivaan about spotting Suraj and Imli together. Vivaan loses his temper and slaps the man angrily. He goes mad thinking Imli cheated him. Vivaan beats the man and asks him how dare he lie to them. The man asks why are you beating me, what lie did I say, its not my mistake, I was called there to repair the puncture, I felt Suraj and Imli are husband and wife. Ragini stops Vivaan. Even Ragini is shocked thinking how can Imli cheat Vivaan.

Vivaan throws all the things in his office and can’t believe Imli has stabbed his love. He got the witness against Suraj and Imli. Vivaan was doubting Chagan. He went to village to fight with Chagan, but Ragini stopped him. After mechanic tells him about Suraj and Imli, Vivaan gets sure that Suraj is the father of Imli’s child. Vivaan tells Ragini that now he will punish Suraj and make his life hell. Vivaan vows to ruin Suraj’s life. How will Chakor find out the truth? Keep reading.


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