Jhanvi to accept Chulbul-Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


After losing the job and place in Oberoi mansion, Gauri thinks to call her mother once. She calls her mother and lies that everything is fine in her inlaws. She finds her mother sounding unwell. Kaali Thakur’s men look for Gauri. Her mother tells her about Kaali Thakur’s death. Gauri thinks to visit her mother in Bareilly. Gauri buys a ticket for Bareilly. Gauri prays for Omkara’s well being. Gauri and Omkara miss each other.

Shwetlana shifts the real Shwetlana under the bed, and takes her place to fool Buamaa. Kaali Thakur reaches close to Gauri. Fate brings her to Kaali Thakur again. Fortunately, he misses to spot Gauri. Jhanvi tells Buamaa about Gauri, who is Omkara’s wife. She finds Gauri a liar and fraud, who stayed with them as Chulbul. Buamaa wants to accept Gauri. She tells Jhanvi that if Gauri has hidden this, even Omkara has hidden this matter. She asks Jhanvi to think maybe Gauri was helpless to lie. She says Gauri’s lie did not harm anyone, Gauri became Omkara’s friend as Chulbul. She tells Jhanvi that she did big mistake by making Gauri leave, she would have become Omkara’s happiness.

Jhanvi tells her that she did not wish Omkara’s heart to break. Buamaa finds Gauri a right companion for Omkara. She reminds Jhanvi how Gauri saved her life. Omkara comes to ask them about Chulbul. He gets restless on not finding Gauri. Buamaa asks Jhanvi to value Gauri, who is clean hearted and selfless. She asks Jhanvi to think about Gauri. Gauri feels like losing everything after losing Omkara.

Tej happily gives the good news to family, about the huge profits in business. Shwetlana worries by losing Tej. She asks Omkara to focus on business. She reminds him the deal between them. She asks Omkara to marry her soon, else she will go back to Tej. Jhanvi decides to get Gauri back, and accept her as bahu, to get rid of Shwetlana.


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