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Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni gets dressed as the bride. Her parents are very happy. Her mum tells its a big day for them, as they could not experience this moment last time. Roshni’s dad thanks Simar for her efforts. Piyush and Roshni exchange garlands. With the family’s happiness and blessings, Piyush marries Roshni. Roshni got her love finally. Mata ji sends Piyush and Roshni for their honeymoon, and asks them to stay in touch.

Aarav teases Piyush and says we will call you to wish on your birthday. Roshni feels shy. Piyush and Roshni take elder’s blessings and leave for Jaipur. Simar fears for Piyush’s life. Simar had to leave home when Piyush was born. She was given a warning that Piyush will face problems when he turns 25. She is worried for Piyush’s kundli dosh. Mata ji asks Piyush not to worry, if there is a problem in his fate, Mata Rani will have some solution for it. She thinks to talk to pandit to find solution for the kundli dosh to secure Piyush’s life.


Neela tries to run away from Ketan’s goons. She gets the proof that Dayavanti has killed Aisha. Neela reaches the home with much difficulty. She sees Avni trying to call her and goes to her. Before Neela could reach Avni, the goons catch her and kidnap her once again. The goons take away Neela from home.

Jaat Ki Jugni:

Bittu’s mum Phoolkumari gets angry on Sunaina. She takes Sunaina’s class. Sunaina calls her mad. Phoolkumari loses her cool and goes to beat Sunaina. Munni calms down Phoolkumari’s anger. Munni asks her to forgive Sunaina. She handles the situation. Sunaina thanks and hugs Munni.


Shivdutt is after Vijaygarh, after Chandrakanta refused to marry him. Vijaygarh people get angry and raise a voice against Shivdutt. They all defend Chandrakanta, who is currently managing the province. Chandrakanta says Shivdutt has chosen this way to insult me. He tells her that even she has insulted him by rejected his proposal. He has sent a chariot to get Chandrakanta to him and make her a Daasi. The Praja gets angry and stands for Chandrakanta’s respect. She will be answering Shivdutt’s commander. Virendra has made a place in Chandrakanta’s heart. He now goes to take the oath as the chief commander of Vijaygarh.


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