Virendra’s oath taking ceremony to have twists in Chandrakanta


Shivdutt is after Vijaygarh, after Chandrakanta refused to marry him. Vijaygarh people get angry and raise a voice against Shivdutt. They all defend Chandrakanta, who is currently managing the province. Chandrakanta says Shivdutt has chosen this way to insult me. He tells her that even she has insulted him by rejected his proposal. He has sent a chariot to get Chandrakanta to him and make her a Daasi. The Praja gets angry and stands for Chandrakanta’s respect. She will be answering Shivdutt’s commander. Virendra has made a place in Chandrakanta’s heart. He now goes to take the oath as the chief commander of Vijaygarh.

Kroor Singh gets angry and plans to make Virendra out. He says Virendra has some motives, I will prove that this man is a fraud. He creates a scene in the oath ceremony. Kroor Singh blames Virendra and asks Chandrakanta not to elect Virendra as the commander. Virendra tells Chandrakanta that he will leave, but not accept any blames. Kroor Singh fails when the witness presented by him goes against. Chandrakanta asks Virendra to come ahead and take the oath. Virendra says the province where I m not believed, I don’t want to keep any relation with its people. Chandrakanta goes after him to convince him.


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