Aman to kidnap Neela in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni thinks of Neil’s words She gets confused over taking help from Neil or not. Neela calls Avni and informs her about the evidence against Dayavanti. Neil and DD try to find the man who has done Neil’s accident. Avni realizes Dayavanti has given bad values to her sons and also to Aman. She decides to change Amol to Aman again, and make him a better person. She does not want Aisha’s name to get erased. She pledges to do Aman’s Naamkarann. Neela gets saved from Ketan’s goons.

Aman and his friend reach Avni’s house to threaten her. Neela comes there and sees Aman and his friend. Aman makes Neela unconscious and kidnaps her. Avni misses to see Aman. She checks CCTV footage and gets shocked seeing Aman kidnapping Neela. Aman calls up Avni and threatens her for telling anything to Neil. Avni shatters hearing him. He asks Avni to think well and not reveal anything about the accident. Avni decides to teach a lesson to Aman.


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