Kaali Thakur back with a vengeance in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri goes to board the bus for Bareilly. Buamaa and Jhanvi find Gauri and stop her from leaving. Gauri apologizes to them for lying. Buamaa tells Gauri that Omkara has no friend. She asks Gauri to come back when Omkara needs Chulbul the most. Buamaa says Omkara values friendship and all his emotions are true. They get Gauri home. Omkaa tries finding Chulbul. Shwetlana organizes a photoshoot at home. She is excited to marry Omkara.

Omkara confronts her about the secret chamber. She asks him what is she hiding. Shwetlana says I have arranged a pre wedding shoot for us. She does not let Omkara reach her secret and makes him become part of the shoot.

Tej cracks a huge deal with Kaali Thakur. They meet up at home. Kaali Thakur impressed Tej. Kaali Thakur does the deal with a motive to get Omkara and Gauri. Tej keeps a party to announce the business deal. Kaali Thakur gets revengeful towards Omkara and Gauri. He wants Gauri back. He recalls his brother’s death. He burns Omkara’s picture. Omkara and Shwetlana have an argument. Omkara misses to see Kaali Thakur with Tej. Shwetlana blackmails Omkara and asks him to prepone their marriage. Kaali Thakur leaves from the house, and misses to see Gauri. Gauri gets tensed seeing Kaali Thakur’s jeep. Gauri turns into Chulbul again. Kaali Thakur plans revenge and sends a man to kill Omkara. Will Gauri save Omkara’s life? Keep reading.


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