Adi forced to marry Roshni in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Roshni’s mother orders Adi to marry Roshni, as he has ruined Roshni’s life and broke her dreams. Adi apologizes to them and asks them to punish him, but not take his life. He says I will compensate for Chandan’s death. The lady gets angry on Adi and says we can’t forgive you, you have to marry Roshni now. Adi gets a huge shock, as its impossible for him to do this. The lady asks him to do all duties of a brother, son and husband. Adi says this is not possible. Gagan’s mother asks Adi to take this as punishment, but he has to marry Roshni if he wants to be alive. She threatens to burn him. Raman and Ishita are on the way and think of Adi becoming groom soon. Ishita is excited thinking of Adi’s marriage.

Adi begs Gagan to let him go, as he loves Aaliya and has to marry her. Gagan forcefully gets Adi dressed up as groom and beats him up. Gagan is angry that Adi has taken his brother’s life. Adi is forcefully tied Chandan’s sehra. Adi is brought up to the mandap. Ishita asks Raman to take her to Adi soon. Raman asks her not to create any melodrama there. Adi thinks of Aaliya and their love. He is made to sit in mandap at the gunpoint. Adi can’t accept what’s happening and takes the gun from Gagan. He refuses to marry Roshni, and asks Gagan to do anything. He says I can’t ruin my and Roshni’s life to fulfill your happiness.

Gagan catches Adi and asks him to marry silently, they won’t let him run away. Adi asks Gagan and his mother to shoot him, but he won’t marry Roshni. Raman and Ishita get to know about Adi’s factory running fine. Gagan threatens Adi about Raman and Ishita, and show Adi how his men are around his parents. Adi gets worried. Gagan’s man lies to Raman and Ishita that Adi left for city. Raman and Ishita think to leave from Khandpur. Adi agrees to marry Roshni. Will Raman and Ishita stop Adi’s marriage? Keep reading.


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