Anika to realize Mahi’s true nature in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Shivay gets attacked by Kamini’s goons. Anika senses Shivay is in huge trouble and gets restless. Mahi reaches there to save Shivay. Mahi’s heroic entry gets worthy to watch. Mahi fights with the goons and warns them not to touch Shivay. He cares for Shivay and makes a Laxman Rekha to safeguard Shivay from the goons. Mahi takes the responsibility of saving Shivay’s life. Mahi risks his own life to save his brother Shivay.

Mahi sheds blood in the fight. He settles all the goons and meets Shivay. He gets relieved seeing Shivay fine. Mahi gets emotional and frees up Shivay. Mahi’s true nature will be seen. Shivay does not realize Mahi’s goodness, being in an unconscious state. Mahi’s love and care gets known. He calls up Rudra from Shivay’s phone. He asks him to come and pick him up. He does the arrangements for Shivay’s pickup and leaves silently.

Rudra reaches there and gets a shock seeing Shivay unconscious. He takes Shivay home. The family gets relieved on seeing Shivay fine. Shivay asks for Anika, which annoys Pinky. Pinky turns upset seeing Shivay giving more importance to Anika. Shivay takes Anika’s welfare. He asks them how did he come home. Rudra says I got you here, you called me there. Shivay says I did not make any call. He recalls goons hitting on his back. Anika realizes Mahi has saved Shivay and made the call to Rudra.

They understand Mahi’s concern for Shivay and feel they are not so bad. Mahi does not find Kamini at home and cries realizing she has left him again. Mahi gets lonely. Shivay does not believe that Mahi has saved his life. Anika asks him to think how would Mahi release him from the goons. She tells Shivay that Mahi is not so mean as they all thought of him before. She says maybe Mahi was helpless to do wrong, on someone’s saying. She tells Mahi did not rob the house and did not take advantage of her, when he stayed as Shivay in their house. Will Anika and Shivay find Mahi’s true story? Keep reading.


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