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Udaan: Vivaan goes to the village and beats up Chagan. Everyone try to stop him. Vivaan says if you get to know what Chagan did, you will be ashamed of him. He takes a boulder to dump on Chagan. Ragini comes there and stops Vivaan. Vivaan turns mad in anger. Vivaan says I knew this, Chagan was badly eyeing Imli. He has a doubt that Chagan is the father of Imli’s child. On the other hand, Chakor explains Imli that Vivaan can’t father her child. Imli can’t believe it, and tells Chakor that she is really pregnant. Imli says I can’t believe you, just leave from here. She slaps Chakor angrily and shatters knowing Vivaan’s truth.

Jaat Ki Jugni: Munni and Bau ji have an argument. Bau ji gets angry on her, when she takes a stand for her. He thinks to send the goons after Bittu and get him beaten up for making Munni against them. Munni gets adamant that she will marry the guy she likes. Bau ji never expected Munni to raise voice against him. He feels Bittu is the one who is teaching all this to Munni. She has annoyed Bau ji. Bau ji thinks to make Bittu away from Munni. Munni follows Bittu. She sees the goons beating Bittu. She hits a goon by a stick.

Thapki Pyaar Ki: Thapki’s life got happiness after a leap of 15 years. Thapki’s biggest enemy Kosi has come back. Thapki did not expect Bani to come back. Kosi dances on dhol and makes a dramatic entry. She lifts her ghunghat and reveals her face. Thapki and Pandey family get shocked seeing Kosi. Kosi says I have given parents’ love to Bani, when you all left her. She acts great in front of them. She says Bani did not come home, and I got to know Bani went to meet her mother after 15 years. She gets a chance to surprise everyone.


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