Anika reaches Mahi to find his side of story in Ishqbaaz

Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika's greed Ishqbaaz

Anika tries to find Mahi’s truth and goes to meet him at his house. Mahi keeps a knife at her neck, without seeing her face. He asks who are you. She turns to him. He leaves her and asks how did she come here. He gets tensed and reacts like Shivay. She asks him is he still playing Shivay’s role. She says I know your truth and want to know what’s your story. She meets him to know his connection with Shivay.

She says you know I can call police and get you arrested, but I did not inform police, I want to know who are you, you took my husband’s place at home, tell me why did you do this, I think there is some reason behind what you did, maybe you did this on someone’s saying, you maybe helpless, tell me who are you. Mahi says I will say, the truth is…. He runs away. Anika misses to catch Mahi. Shivay is worried for Anika, and looks for her at home.


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