Vandana attempts to bring out Maya’s truth in Beyhadh


There is a new drama as Vandana comes to stay in Maya’s house. She praises Maya and is behaving well with her. Maya gets a special soup for her and takes care of Vandana. Arjun is happy seeing Maya taking care of Vandana. Vandana tells Arjun that Maya is a nice girl, she loves you a lot, she cares for you and me so much. Vandana has faced a lot, and lost to situation. She is not bad to hurt Maya. She is protective about her children. She can do anything to save her family. She is trying to make things fine and unite her family.

Vandana cries and misses Ayaan. She asks Arjun does he not miss Ayaan, I feel Maya has some misunderstanding. Arjun throws the plates and asks Vandana not to care for Ayaan. He asks her how can she think of Ayaan and talk of him in their house, knowing what Ayaan did with Maya. He asks her to value Maya. Maya thanks Arjun for taking her side. She says I know you did this to make me happy, I still have sense, you thought I will feel bad hearing you. Arjun reacted such a way to save Vandana from Maya’s madness.

Vandana realizes she can’t help Arjun, but she should find some clue to help Ayaan. She has come in Maya’s house with a motive to expose Maya. Vandana gets Saanjh’s call. She makes excuse of credit card companies making calls. Maya asks her to cut the phone connection, as it’s not good for her health. Vandana asks her not to worry. Maya plans to take Vandana’s phone and gets a water bucket. She acts to clean the floor and makes the phone fall in water. She cuts Vandana’s connection with everyone. What will Arjun do? Keep reading.


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