Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Kosi comes to stay in Pandey Nivaas as per her plans. She has raised Bani to use her against Thapki. Thapki allows Kosi to stay with them for Bani’s sake. When Kosi misbehaves with Thapki, Bani comes and takes Thapki’s side to win her trust. Bani and Kosi make a plan against Tina, thinking she is Thapki’s only weakness.


Devanshi gets the Darshan of Shani Dev, who is the justice doer of every human being. Kusum Sundari wonders who is taking revenge from her, by repeating the same things which she did with Devanshi in childhood. Shikhar explains Devanshi how Kusum Sundari managed to be in two places by a magical trick. Devanshi understands the mystery but is not able to expose Kusum Sundari’s truth. She fails in her attempt and gets sad. Vardaan gets busy in the marriage preparations. He wants a blissful married life and asks Devanshi to either stay away from Kusum Sundari or leave Jwalapuri. He does not know what is Devanshi upto.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush faints on the road. Roshni makes him conscious. Roshni worries for him and hugs him, asking where did he go. Piyush is affected by the evil powers. Simar meets Piyush as she was worried for him. She says we all thought to meet Piyush and wish him happy birthday personally. She hugs Piyush and is relieved seeing him fine.

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Vivaan meets the doctor to confirm if he is really impotent. Vivaan gets the same saddening results again and is deeply hurt by Imli’s deceive. Suraj and Chakor express their love for each other and very much happy to see their dreams fulfilling. Suraj thanks Chakor for coming in his life and helping him transform into a better human being. Vivaan informs Ragini about Imli’s pregnancy. Ragini gets shocked and can’t believe it. He asks her to help him out in finding the father of Imli’s child. Vivaan beats up Suraj. Imli asks Vivaan why is he troubling her, why can’t her child be of him. Vivaan says it can’t be my child. Chakor stops Vivaan.


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