Kaali Thakur to challenge Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Buamaa and Jhanvi are happy seeing Gauri’s commitment, loyalty and true love towards Omkara. Gauri drinks the juice suspecting it to have something harmful for Omkara. Jhanvi tells Gauri that it was their plan to test her. Buamaa tells Gauri that she has passed in their test. Jhanvi asks Gauri was she not scared to drink the juice knowing it has poison. Gauri tells there is no fear where there is devotion, as she has named her life for Omkara. She says she can live and die for Omkara. She tells them how Omkara has saved her and her mum’s life in Bareilly. Jhanvi gets sure that Gauri deserves to become her bahu. Gauri tells Buamaa that she won’t break their trust. She promises them that she will always protect Omkara. Jhanvi gives the ancestral necklace to Gauri by her wish. Gauri asks her to just bless her, instead giving the necklace.

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Kaali Thakur comes in the house to attend the party and stay back with Oberois to find Gauri. Buamaa and Jhanvi think of telling Omkara that Chulbul is Gauri. Gauri stops them fearing her relation with Omkara will end if his trust breaks. Jhanvi asks Gauri till when she will stay as Chulbul and make sacrifices. Gauri gets shivers seeing Kaali Thakur. Tej introduces Kaali Thakur to Omkara. Omkara and Gauri get unhappy to see Kaali Thakur at home. Gauri hides from Kaali Thakur and Omkara, and takes Chulbul’s avatar. Kaali Thakur hugs Omkara with a warning. He tells Omkara that he will take back his wife and land. He asks Omkara about Gauri. Omkara asks Kaali Thakur not to play such games where he loses. He warns Kaali Thakur to stay away. Kaali Thakur and Omkara have an argument. Kaali Thakur challenges Omkara to stop him if he can. What will Gauri do now? Keep reading.


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