Munni and Bittu to play cupids in Jaat Ki Jugni


Munni does not find Jyoti when she wakes up at night. She looks for Jyoti and thinks Bittu did something. She goes to ask Bittu. Munni goes to wake up Bittu. Bittu does not listen. Munni mistakenly falls on him after hearing the thundering. Munni is falling in love with Bittu. Bittu thinks he is dreaming and sleeps. Bittu imagines Munni, and does not realize she is really with him. Munni asks Bittu to come and find Jyoti. Bittu has to unite Jyoti and her lover.

Bittu and Jyoti’s roka has happened already. Bittu has huge responsibility of completing another love story. Bittu is carefree. Munni asks him to think something and stop playing games. Bittu says your Bau ji is playing games with us and giving us tension. Munni says I don’t like you blaming my Bau ji always. She is worried for Jyoti and doctor’s marriage. Bittu is much confident and says I will manage it somehow, no one needs to tell me what to do.



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