Naira and Kartik to get separated in Yeh Rishta…


Naira senses something bad will happen. She gets afraid seeing the name board breaking, and Kartik and Naira’s names getting separated. She gets shocked and cries. She asks Kartik not to go office, and fears for his life. Kartik asks her not to think all this and leaves for office. She gets intuition and wants Kartik to be with her. Naira worries for him. Naira tries to fix the nameplate. Naira gets to know the truth that Mansi has killed Akshara. She realizes Kartik has hidden this from her and runs to Singhania house.

She meets her family and cries hugging Naitik. A big truth has come out. Kartik is worried and comes there following her. He says I have to talk to Naira, it’s very important. The family asks Kartik what’s the matter. He asks Naira to listen. Naira asks Naksh why did he hide this from her, when he got to know this by Aditya. Naksh did not wish any problems to arise between Naira and Kartik, and was fearing to see such day. Naira believes Kartik a lot and thinks Kartik has also broken his trust. Surekha and entire Goenka family come to apologize to Singhania family. Surekha begs to them and asks them to save Mansi. Surekha cries and holds Bhabhimaa’s feet, asking them not to punish Mansi for Akshara’s death.

Goenka family and Kartik apologize to Rajshri and Naitik, and ask them to punish whatever the want. Naira hugs Rajshri and cries. Naira gets annoyed with Kartik and is much upset. She misses Akshara and can’t forget how she lost her mum. Surekha has hope that Naira will support them. Naira and entire family are in shock. Naira leaves Kartik’s home and decides to stay with her family. Naira tells the family that she can’t forgive Kartik and Goenka family for hiding such a big truth.


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