Neil and Avni to rescue Neela in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil and Avni are in Mahabaleshwar, because of different motives. Neil saves Avni from the mad horse. He lost the bus because of her and is angry. Avni is finding Neela. She gets threatened by Aman and apologizes to him. Aman asks her not to send police after him. He asks her to make police leave his friend, else Neela will die. He says just you will be responsible for Neela’s death.

Neil gets to know about threatening call and asks her to relax. He asks her to call the criminal and tell him to meet somewhere. He says nothing will happen to your mom. She scolds him for sending police after Aman. Neil denies sending police. She cries and fears for Neela’s life. Neil tracks Aman’s friend and hopes to reach them to rescue Neela. Neil will be helping Avni is finding Neela. Avni decides to give Aman to police and get him punished for his crime.


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