Pinky to create problems for Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika is in love with Shivay and shares her feelings and fears with Sahil. She tells Sahil that Shivay and her relation will end if Shivay knows she is raised in an orphanage, and does not even know her parents. Pinky gets to hear this truth, and plans to make Shivay realize that Anika has no proper blood and family line. Pinky gets insecure seeing Shivay valuing Anika more than her.

Pinky calls Guru ji and wants to make Shivay and Anika’s kundli. She says don’t know when will Anika come, you stay back and tell Guru ji Anika’s background, what’s her parents’ name, or her surname. She asks him to say just surname if he does not know more, Guru can make the kundli based on it, he can’t wait for longer. She asks Shivay does he not know Anika’s surname. Shivay gets speechless and says Anika will come back and talk to you. Pinky asks Sahil about his parents, if he knows their name. Shivay gets angry and breaks things, to stop Pinky from doing such harsh things without caring for a little kid’s sentiments. Shivay takes Sahil and leaves from there. Pinky defends her move in front of the family.


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