Vivaan’s anger burst to ruin relations in Udaan


Vivaan meets the doctor to confirm if he is really impotent. Vivaan gets the same saddening results again and is deeply hurt by Imli’s deceive. Suraj and Chakor express their love for each other and very much happy to see their dreams fulfilling. Suraj thanks Chakor for coming in his life and helping him transform into a better human being. Vivaan informs Ragini about Imli’s pregnancy. Ragini gets shocked and can’t believe it. He asks her to help him out in finding the father of Imli’s child. Vivaan beats up Suraj. Imli asks Vivaan why is he troubling her, why can’t her child be of him. Vivaan says it can’t be my child. Chakor stops Vivaan.

Vivaan is not ready to believe that Imli is pregnant with his child. He got a proof that Imli was with Suraj, and its Suraj’s child. He confronts Suraj and tells Chakor that Suraj does not deserve her love. Vivaan raises questions on Imli and Suraj’s relation. He points finger at Imli’s character. He is confused over the father of the child. He accepts that he can never give a child to Imli, and hurts Imli angrily. He says I could not think you can fall so low. Imli and Suraj are questioned for their loyalty. Vivaan holds Suraj responsible for all this. He says I got to know everything Suraj, mechanic told me how you and Imli spend time together in the car. He angrily shows the medical reports to Imli, and says its written that I m not capable to produce any child, I m impotent, check all this, you think I m lying such a big thing.

He asks Suraj, Chakor and Imli to check all the reports, which are taken from different doctors and still have the same result. Chakor asks Vivaan to just stop it. Suraj and Imli get a big shock knowing Vivaan’s truth. Vivaan says I have hidden this from Imli, so that she does not get hurt, if I knew she will use my goodness, I would have said this before, Imli thinks she can make me accept anyone’s child. Vivaan is doubting Suraj and is angry. Imli shatters.

Chakor says maybe Imli is not pregnant, maybe doctor gave wrong reports, it maybe a misunderstanding. Vivaan says I will get the tests done again, I will arrange a doctor. He calls Ragini and says get some female doctor to haveli to get Imli’s pregnancy test done. Chakor asks Vivaan to wait till doctor confirms it and not make any issue. Chakor fears that relations will suffer and problems will arise if Imli’s pregnancy news is true. Ragini gets a doctor home. Suraj worries seeing Vivaan’s reports and feels like many problems coming his way when he did not make any mistake.


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