Piyush to experience strange powers in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush and Roshni come back home. Everyone wish Piyush and give him gifts. Piyush sees all the gifts and gets surprised seeing Mata ji’s special gift. Roshni gets the mango icecream gifted by Mata ji. Roshni gets scared that Piyush will hurt her again. Piyush’s behavior is changing. Roshni sees Piyush talking to everyone well. She thinks she what happened to Piyush at night, when he smeared the cake on her face angrily. Roshni does not know what’s happening to Piyush. Piyush experiences the strange powers at night. Ananya keeps an eye on Piyush. She is staying with them as Aarav’s friend. Ananya’s behavior gets weird when she tries getting close to Piyush. Roshni always saved Piyush from problems. She loves him and again act as a protective shield for Piyush.


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