Preeto separates Aditya from Soumya in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Soumya has lost her son Adi. Soumya and Harman look for Adi. Soumya is worried. Preeto is behind all this. She has got Adi in orphanage. She gives Adi to a NRI couple and pays them money, asking them to take the baby away. Harman and Soumya get to know this and come to orphanage. The orphanage manager keeps many conditions in front of Harman and Soumya. He asks them to get 20 lakhs bank account balance. Harman manages to show 20 lakhs balance and asks the man to give them the child. The man asks them to get any child, adopt anyone and name the child Adi. Soumya says we just want our Aditya. Harman gets angry on the man and asks where is our Aditya. Soumya hears Adi crying and runs to him. Harman follows her. Soumya does not want to lose her son. She sees a couple taking a baby. Harman and Soumya go the other way.


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